Tantra Massage in Paris

There are numerous ways to relax and entertain yourself after a hard working day. While some people prefer going to a cinema or hanging out with their friends in the bar, other require something special that would relax their body and soul. Tantric massage is an ancient practice that was invented to ensure you maintain the right emotional balance. It can be best described as unique technique that uses one’s energy and charas to get rid of physical boundaries. People, who practice Tantric massage on a regular basis, tend to be calmer, more confident and sensitive.


What is Tantric massage?

Tantric massage is a special kind of physical and spiritual practice that has a certain philosophy. The idea that a person has chakras serves as a foundation for this technique. By pressing on certain parts of your body, the masseuses stimulate chakras and activates energy stimulation. In such a way, you can experience new emotions that positively affect your well-being.

Tantric massage therapy is a unique experience that is beneficial to both a giver and a receiver. Professional masseuses claim that a receiver is the main party in this game. A person should completely relax his or her body and trust the masseuses. While some people find it easy to do, others have to learn it for a long time. The giver also takes an active role in this process. He/she gets satisfaction from the ritual and shares all the pleasurable feelings and emotions with the partner.

So, there are plenty of reasons to visit and try Tantra body massage, which include:

  • strong healing effect on the organism
  • active energy generation
  • enhanced physical and emotional well-being
  • improved sexual life
  • establishment of physical and emotional balance

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Important Peculiarities of Tantra Massage

Tantra body massage can be given to people of all genders and backgrounds. If you are a female, you’ll probably be offered a traditional or yoni massage. The first one involves classic techniques that are targeted to the most sensitive points of your body. A specialist creates a pleasurable atmosphere and ensures you get the right experience. At the same time, yoni massage is very similar to a traditional practice. However, it also presupposes stimulation of genitals. Women get positive emotions and receive a chance to make their sexual life brighter and more diverse.

Men, in their turn, are usually offered a lingam massage. It is very similar to yoni practice as a masseuse stimulates their intimate organ. The specialist applies a wide range of practice to make sure the receiver gets the best experience.

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What are the main types of Tantra?

When you visit an erotic massage parlour, there are a few things you have to know about Tantra massage. First, there is a clear distinction between dark and white tantra massage. White types do not presuppose the stimulation of a person’s intimate parts of the body. A masseuses concentrates on your spiritual state and tries to generate energy in your chakras. The orgasm is never the final goal of this massage as practitioners believe you should get emotional satisfaction first to experience the whole range of feelings.

Dark tantra massage, on the contrary, is focused on your sensitive parts of the body. Specialists try to get rid of blockages in your body and make you more sensuous. This type of massage will be suitable to visitors, who want to diversify their sexual life and bring new practices to their lives.


Where to get Tantric massage in Paris?

When you want to experience the best tantra massage in Paris, you should rely on professionals. Study your locations, choose the best parlours in the region and get your satisfaction. However, how do you know you make the right choice? There are plenty of catalogues on the web that will inform you about the best tantra massage places. You can read clients’ feedback, listen to their advice, watch video and decide what you need. Whatever way you choose, make sure you get all the essential info. Our website equips you with useful lifehacks and advice, which you will definitely use in real life.