Body to Body Massage in Paris

Massages are practiced for a variety of reasons: while some are searching for ways to improve physical health, others are looking for an effective relaxation technique. Body to body massage is the practice that combines all the benefits of a erotic massage and an traditional one. It can be done for people of different genders and ages, which means it is quite accessible to all social groups. If you’ve never done something similar before, we are going to guide you through the whole process, explain what body 2 body massage is and the main techniques applied by the best masseuses in Paris.


What is Body to Body Massage?

Body to body massage is a special type of technique that is performed using the therapist’s body. A masseuse or masseur applies a set of methods and slides back and forth on the client’s highly oiled body to stimulate blood circulation. She/he presses on the most sensitive parts of the body to reach the highest point of satisfaction and trigger energy generation in your body.

Body to body massage has lots of advantages for a human body. When you feel under the weather and require some practice to lift your spirit, this technique is definitely for your. Body to body massage enhances your well-being and immunity, reduces stress and eliminates toxins. Even after the first session, be sure you will return to your masseuse again as you will experience the full range of advantages provided by body to body massage, such as:

  • positive mood
  • new pleasurable experience
  • complete relaxation
  • improved blood circulation
  • elimination of blockages
  • reduction of stress


Body to body Massage Techniques

Body to body massage can be done in various ways. Each masseuse and masseur have their own secrets that help to retain clients and make you come back to get this satisfaction. However, nuru body to body massage remains to be one of the most beloved methods among the customers across the world. The main difference between a classic body to body massage and a nuru one lies in the use of materials. Masseuses, that apply nuru techniques, use a special type of gel made from sea plants that helps a therapist to slide on the client’s body. The technique has its roots in Japan as it was highly popular in the past among the local population. The name of the massage “nuru” can be roughly translated as “smooth or slippery”, which best describes the process of a nuru massage.


How is body to body massage done?

A body 2 body massage can be done in different ways depending on your preferences and a masseuse or salon you choose. We advise going to the best body to body therapists in Paris as only here you can get the true satisfaction from the process.

As a rule, a therapist speaks to you before the session. Together with a specialist, you discuss all the nitty-gritty details and talk about your wishes. You will also be given a possibility to choose the gender of a masseuse to ensure you feel comfortable with the process.

The massage starts when a specialist invites you to the room with candles and aroma oils. She starts with your feet to relax your body and mind and set the right tone for the whole evening. Then, a naked masseuse gets on the table and starts massaging your body using hers. She/he begins with your legs and moves forth, touching your most sensual parts of the body. In such a way, you feel complete relaxation and experience strong satisfaction that brings you in the world of pleasure.

The pace of the massage depends on your feelings and expectations from the process. A masseuse feels your mood and emotions, so she/he knows exactly when you are ready to move to the next step.

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How to choose the best body to body massage in Paris?

Your satisfaction from body 2 body massage highly depends on the place you choose. If you go to an unknown or low-quality salon, you might get disappointed and waste your energy and money for a useless activity.

Thus, we always recommend to rely on professional services. On our website, you will find all the necessary information about parlours and individual masseuses ready to provide you with the best experience. Get to know about the service better, choose the type of massage you want to get, discover about its benefits and get essential tips. Begin your journey in the world of pleasure and satisfaction!